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How it Works

Make your selection and fill out our online order form.

Answer a few short questions about your editing preferences, share your website for reference, and provide any additional information that will help us match your style.
No subscriptions; order as often or as little as you would like.

Upload your files.

Once your order is placed you will be directed to our web based uploader to upload your files to us.
File types accepted: CR2, DNG, JPG, JPEG, LRCAT, NEF, RAR, TIF, TIFF, ZIP and Lightroom Smart Previews.

Sample edits ready within two business days of receiving your images.

We select 10 – 20 images from different lighting situations throughout your event and post them in a private gallery.
You approve, and we get to work culling and editing.

Your images are professionally culled + edited then returned to you via email.

Upon completion you will receive files with instructions on how to apply our edits in Lightroom.
The quality of our edits are guaranteed; if you are not satisfied with your order we will correct it until you are happy.

No subscriptions

No extra fees

No minimums

No photographer restrictions

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